Caregivers caring for elderly parent have peace of mind with the Philips Lifeline medical alert system.

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AutoAlert lets us know if you need help – even if you can’t.

Peace of mind in the event of an emergency can make living independently a possibility. Philips Lifeline with AutoAlert fall detection can help you get the help you request if it detects your fall even when you can’t alert us on your own. Our AutoAlert technology:

  • detects more than 95% of falls
  • reports on twice as many falls as standard medical alert devices
  • is the most widely adopted and proven fall detection in the US

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Caregivers: Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved Ones

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Confidence, reliability, and peace of mind are qualities that you deserve when caring for an elderly parent or a loved one, and they're qualities that can be found with Lifeline.

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Fall statistics among senior adults are unsettling: one out of three older adults (those aged 65 or older) falls each year and many experience lacerations, bone fractures, and head trauma as a result*. Without immediate help, these elderly individuals may also suffer prolonged pain, emotional distress, or secondary medical problems like dehydration, pneumonia, renal failure, or pressure ulcers. The good news is that Lifeline can help your loved one get access to care, even when you can't be there.

*#1 claim based on number of subscribers. Available at participating Lifeline programs. GoSafe and HomeSafe do not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need help.

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