What Lifeline Costs

What Lifeline Costs

What value can Lifeline offer you and your family? Among many things, you and your family may benefit from:

  1. An increased sense of comfort about living alone
  2. Confidence in living independently
  3. Fewer out-of-pocket expenses related to nursing home, institutional, or facility care
  4. Fewer medical complications resulting from long lie times after a fall

Lifeline installation and service is provided by Philips Lifeline and participating Lifeline service providers across the United States, including hospitals and healthcare professionals. There is variation in the pricing depending on the type of service you choose, but whether you choose our Standard Service starting at $29.95 or Lifeline with AutoAlert starting at $44.95, know you made a great decision by choosing Lifeline!

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*$29.95 option for the Standard Lifeline Service available at participating Lifeline programs.